Lots of Great News to Share!


RideABILITY has THE BEST volunteers in the world!! Had a couple of late riders' cancellations, so we had a few extra volunteers this morning. Well, they all got busy cleaning tack and organizing the little barn and repairing things that were damaged yesterday in the storm. The lessons went well too! Thanks Mary,Tim, Alan, Harriet, Kellie, Christine, Beth, Lana, Tina and Kerri! YOU ROCK!

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, October 9, 2010! RideABILITY will have our first trail ride fund-raiser! You can bring your horse and ride the trails of the beautiful Natchez Trace to raise funds to help RideABILITY expand our program to more riders with special needs. More details coming soon!

We just received our July Kroger Card report and the results are fantastic! Our supporters loaded $7743 on their cards, which means we will get a check for $387! That's enough to pay monthly board for two horses! Thanks to all of you who are participating!  We know it takes an extra few minutes when you load up the card before shopping, but please know that your time is well-spent by making it possible for RideABILITY to continue offering therapeutic riding to our special riders! Many of you have distributed cards to friends and family members. Please share this report with them so that everyone will continue using their cards. What a great, simple source of revenue.If you do not have a card and would like one, please contact Christy by email: chend@comcast.net. Thanks!