Volunteer Appreciation Cookout

Thanks to everyone who helped us host a successful cookout last weekend! Several of our board members came and visited with staff and volunteers alike. Hopefully everyone took the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful people involved with RideABILITY. Christy counted the total volunteer hours from October 13, 2007 to May 16, 2009 and found that people donated 1,190 hours of their time. Our wonderful volunteers donated thirty full-time work weeks over the last year and a half. Their generosity also saved RideABILITY at least $8627.50 in wages. RideABILITY awarded Barbara Sanders with a gift certificate and a formal certificate for the most volunteer hours, with 92.5 hours! Congratulations Barbara, we really appreciate your time!

Barbara Sanders and her certificate for working the most volunteer hours.
Congratulations Barbara!