CPR and First Aid Training

Four of our aspiring NARHA certified instructors received their CPR/First Aid certification Monday, June 8, 2009. Lisa Valadie, a member of the Madison Fire Department and Harris Heights boarder, graciously taught the class for free. RideABILITY truly appreciates Lisa Valadie for all of the help and support she's provided.

Along with learning life-saving skills, the soon-to-be-instructors also reviewed locations for the first aid kit and posted directions to Harris Heights farm. Hopefully RideABILITY volunteers and instructors will never need to use this information, but fortunately they'll be prepared if emergencies happen.

We met at a local coffee shop for the class. Lisa
explained everything very well and opened the floor
for questions about various scenarios.

Lisa gave us our cards. We're now official!