Meet Colonel

RideABILITY purchased Colonel the weekend of June 6, 2009. Christy discovered Colonel while cheering on friends at a team penning event in Forrest, MS. Colonel carried children around for five hours without any irritation and this temperment caught Christy's eye.

Colonel's quarter horse pedigree contains impressive sires such as Doc Bar and Colonel Freckles. Colonel's registered name is CF Circle Up. CF Circle Up (Colonel) is a flea bitten gray, but his flea bites are brown/tan instead of gray or black. This twelve year old team penning gelding possesses a unique coloring to go with his equally exceptional disposition.

This past week he spent time getting used to his new home and preparing for his new job. Christy introduced him to the props used during lessons. Nothing flustered him. Colonel passed his last test this weekend when he carried a volunteer through Saturday's group lesson(see photos below). Nothing phased him. In fact, after the lesson another volunteer took him through the poles at speed and he did a fantastic job! Colonel will begin his new job as a RideABILITY therapeutic riding horse this week.